We're sending Trump pussy-shaped lollipops!

Here's a few reasons why you should support us!

His policies on immigration

He’s wrong on pretty much every position he espouses, first and foremost that of immigration, the most critical issue facing America today.

He doesn't have a filter

Unfortunately, America has elected a president who has been unable to prove he's a decent human being so we're letting him know that #PussyGrabsBack!

He’s "pro-women"

Ha! Yeah right. Let's face it he judges women based on their physical appearance. He's a misogynistic pig. Which is why we're shipping him thousands of pussy lollipops and donating 50% of our proceeds to planned parenthood!

His business accomplishments

Shocker! He's terrible at business, and has multiple bankruptcies under his belt. Congrats, Trump.

He doesn't speak for US!

Trumps rhetoric is xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic. He's the furthest thing from inclusive, and therefore he doesn't speak for US! We support all causes that are aimed at alleviating the oppressed from #BlackLivesMatter to all the #NastyWoman

He's building a fucking wall

The idea that Trump is solving a problem, and not creating one, by building a wall makes no sense.

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New Year Update!

The recent press has been humbling and awe inspiring. We are so happy that there are so many people willing to do their bit and stand up to The Donald.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of orders - over 5000 pussy pops have been ordered, and we are still counting! We are hoping to hit a 'yuuuge' goal of 10,000 lollipops sent to Trump Tower before January 20th, so please share this site and help to spread the word!

Bysendtrumppussy Jan 3, 2017

We’ve been featured on Salon.com

Hi Everyone, A short update here - in addition to being featured on a whole host of websites, we've recently been picked up in an article abou