eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) has been very busy of late, compiling and sorting through the thousands of surveys and research material making up what is considered to be the largest and most comprehensive survey of online gamblers ever. Early reports from within eCOGRA are indicating there will certainly be some surprising findings in the survey, which both players and industry professionals should find quite insightful.

Comprising a joint effort between eCOGRA and casino gambling research teams at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Las Vegas, the Global Online Gambler Report includes research undertaken in North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Asia. Player attitudes regarding multiple aspects of online gambling and casino gambling in general were weighed into consideration.

Primarily covering issues pertaining to gambling at online casinos and poker rooms, the survey will shed light on player sentiments regarding their comfort levels gambling with real money on the Web, security standards being used at online casino cashiers, favorite games to play, the use of online gaming portal sites and views on the notions of luck and problem gambling.

In total, over 11,000 online gamers were surveyed across the globe. Some of these took part in qualitative focus groups, while others participated in general response projects, including online surveys made available on eCOGRA’s ¬†and those of several notable gambling portals.

Regarding the “surprises” to be found in the report, this was confirmed by eCOGRA Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Beveridge, who said that early indications show the report will be very revealing, at the least. The report is scheduled to be finished in the coming weeks, after which it will be discussed at the International Casino Exhibition in London.