For those of you who not only love to play online poker, casino, bingo, etc, but also to read and write about it, GameAbyss has just the thing for you: the first ever weblog community, a free service that gives online gamblers an easy access to news about online casino.

GameAbyss, an information service that manages several different entertainment portals, has launched a free weblog service chock-full of news and information for online gamblers. The weblog was released on March 30, 2005 and is just the thing for those people who are passionate about online gambling, like online poker real money. Players can write about their online gambling experiences, offer tips, strategies or recommendations regarding various online games, or simply express their love for the game! An easy-to-use text editor for making text entries is just one of the many nice features offered by this service. Others include: being able to add comments to text entries other subscribers have sent in, being notified of new entries, an excellent variety of templates the user can both choose from and modify, publication of written entries and e-mail support.

GameAbyss is not a casino operator and not a gambling site; accordingly, bets and wagers are not accepted by them. The advertisements that GameAbyss displays are just that – advertisements – and do not indicate any connection between the company who’s advertising and GameAbyss. Their corporate site can be found at this address: