Blogging has become one of the most popular pastimes (if you could call it that already) on the internet. Considering its relatively young existence, the rate at which blogging has grown is nothing short of phenomenal. From news feeds to author commentaries, the blog is an undeniable force in the transmission of information on the internet. Depending on what you like to read or write, blogs can range from being trivial and entertaining to controversial and explicit.

It is no surprise that blogging has now found its way into the online gambling industry. Several gaming sites have started their own blogs, most of which are spearheaded by a popular name. For instance, Full Contact Poker now serves as the home for poker pro Daniel Negreanu’s blog. Now that Poker Stars is home to all of Full Contact’s former players, Negreanu’s blog is probably the greatest element of interest at Full Contact.

Even Bodog founder, Calvin Ayre, has started his own blog. Not just a little side note on the Bodog , Ayre’s blog is linked up to the main navigation menu along with all the other Bodog gambling lifestyle sites and online casino. Ayre said he decided to start the blog after his MySpace page became such a big hit. Featuring Ayre’s personal commentary on internet business, free enterprise, martial arts and online gambling, the blog also gives a glimpse into Ayre’s personal life as a billionaire playboy and philanthropist.

While it all may be just a little too trivial for some readers, there are still plenty of people soaking it up. At the time of this article, Ayre’s latest post, which he does once a week, is a clip of him dealing with his fear of race sailing and making reference to how heavy his wallet his. Sound like your cup of tea? Well then, welcome to the world of blogging.